Satechi W1 USB-C tangentbord


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Satechi W1 USB-C tangentbord med Nordisk layout

  • Designed for Mac & iOS devices
  • Hassle-free wired USB-C connection
  • Adjustable illuminated keys
  • Sleek & ultra-compact design

The Slim W1 Wired Backlit Keyboard is your modern, compact solution to upgrading your Mac setup. Featuring a full QWERTY layout, convenient function keys, and adjustable backlit keys – all with a hassle-free, wired connection. Equipped with a built-in USB-C cable, the Slim W1 Wired Backlit Keyboard easily connects to your Type-C device for instant installation with no extra setup required.

Hassle-Free Wired Connection

Features built-in USB-C cable for a hassle-free, instant connection – with no extra setup required. Perfect for areas with poor wireless connectivity or when you just need a simple solution, the W1 Wired Backlit Keyboard will quickly become your go-to peripheral.

Illuminated Keys

The Slim W1 Wired Keyboard includes backlit keys with three levels of brightness for the perfect amount of light in any setting, plus function hotkeys to easily adjust brightness, volume, pause, play, and more on your connected device.

Modern & Compact Design

Its sleek aluminium finish and ultra-compact design make it a modern addition to any setup and can easily store away when not in use or when on the go.


Satechi W1 USB-C tangentbord supports devices with a USB-C port including, 2020/2018 Mac Mini, 2020/2019/2017 iMac, 2020/2018 MacBook Air, 2020/2019/2018/2017/2016 MacBook Pro, 2020/2018 iPad Pro, 2020 iPad Air. Does not support devices with a standard USB-A port.


Wired USB-C

Kartong: 1/20
Artikelnummer: ST-UCSW1M-ND
EAN: 879961009885
Mått: 460 x 35 x 165 mm
Vikt: 645 g

More information available on Satechi’s website

Ytterligare information

Vikt 0,645 kg
Dimensioner 46 × 16,5 × 3,5 cm


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